Imants Gross (1953) was raised in a Latvian refugee family in Sweden. He went to high school in Germany and studied law at the University of Stockholm and the University of Brussels. His professional career has been within international relations and diplomacy in European and Africa. From 1991 until 1996, Imants was Latvia’s ambassador to Sweden and Norway. For the past seven years, he has lived in Riga where, since 2006, he has run the Nordic Council of Ministers’ office in Latvia.

Imants’ grandfather, Miķelis Gross (1886-1966), was a photographer who was active in Latvia and St. Petersburg. He inspired his grandson early in life to take up photography. Imants has gained professional skills in photography at courses and work shops in Germany, Sweden, Latvia and France (with Gunars Janaitis, Göran Segeholm, Aaron Schuman, Anders Petersen, Arno Minkkinen, JH Engström).








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